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My name is Natalia, I live in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The cattery is registered on the two systems CFA No. 260520 and WCF No. 6362-2014.

My cats are some of the most famous lines of Persian and exotic cats breeds: Maradan, Boberan, D'eden Lover, Latin Lover, Sugarspun, Tehy, Tombrock, Kelscha, Candirand. The aim of the cattery is getting a nice healthy offspring with excellent temperament! 

All cats cattery tested on DNA PKD in the laboratory of Australia, the results of the tests are negative. 

If You have any questions, or You want to get a persian or exotic kitten, please contact me! 

Pleasant view.



Ukraine, Dnepr

phon. +38(096)304-48-47
e-mail: natalya.babai@mail.ru, natalya.babai@gmail.com

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